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What's ECO & EGO

Theme : Between ECO & EGO

The world has been fraught with environmental problems since the beginning of the modern age. Japan, too, has experienced significant pollution beginning with its own period of rapid post-war growth. Yet we are continuously trying to strike a proper balance between human economic activities and the environment. "ECO" comes from the idea that human existence is merely a single strand in the web of life, while "EGO" comes from our fundamental need for survival, which in many cases is driven by our desires and dreams. How should we, as socially responsible organisms, compromise and find a balance between these two antithetical but indispensable concepts? We interprete this theme, common to all humankind, on a wider spectrum, that is "Global Environment = Local Community = Individual Conscious", and are delivering the message through socially interactive expression.

Why Kawaguchi ?

We consider Kawaguchi to be the epitome of both old and new Japan. Kawaguchi has a longstanding manufacturing history. Its foundries hearken back to traditional craftsmanship and the city still retains a feeling of old Edo in its traditional rows of houses along the old Nikko highway. At the same time, Kawaguchi's cityscape has been rapidly evolving along modern lines on the outskirts of Tokyo, Japan's capital. This evolution includes "Skip City," the new audio-visual business incubator and cultural center, which is helping to create a new industrial base, amid the forests of high-rise apartments springing up seemingly overnight. Thus, we can catch a glimpse of transitional human activity in Kawaguchi where the convergence of old and new creates a unique atmosphere.

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